Quark-education Consulting offers a range educational consulting services including...

Standards-based assessment​


The best assessments are instruments of measurement based on emperical observations underpinned by developmental cognitive theory.


Assessments can range from traditional pencil and paper exams to e-portfolios and oral presentations. The key to effective assessment is to locate each task/question and marking rubric in a pre-determined standard.

Learning-assessment-reporting integration


Let Quark show you have to achieve maximum efficiency from your assessments by aligning your teaching programs, your assessments and your reporting through the BOSTES Course Performance Descriptors.

​NAPLAN Analysis


Jim has been the coordinating DoE analyst reporting NAPLAN on the SMART application. Let Jim work with staff to analyse your school's NAPLAN for strengths and weaknesses in the received curriculum. Learn how to use the literacy and numeracy contiuum to plan to move your school.



The VALID Science report (Year 8 and 10) to schools via SMART provides mountains of evidence as to the effectiveness of the school curriculum.


Let Quark show you how to :

  • analyse your school's data.

  • identify strengths and weaknesses candidature and teaching/learning programs

  • plan to improve student outcomes

  • validate school assessment against the BOSTES Course Performance Descriptors (CPDs) and VALID.

Strategic Planning


Quark will work with your to align your faculty programs and initiatives to your school plan and School Excellence Framework. Develop a communication strategy to better engage parents and students in faculty innovations.


Science and technology syllabus values and attitudes:

  • develop an appreciation of the contribution of science to finding solutions to personal, social and global issues relevant to their lives now and in the future

  • develop a willingness to use evidence and reason to engage with and respond to scientific and technological ideas as informed, reflective citizens

  • develop interest and positive, informed values and attitudes towards science and technology

  • recognise the importance and relevance of science and technology in their lives now and for their future


Subject-specific literacy


Literacy is not a subject...